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Who wants to create Amazon HTML Descriptions for their Kindle Books?

The Amazon HTML Better Book Description Tool is an editing tool that allows KDP Authors to easily create great looking Amazon product descriptions with a few clicks of the button.  If you have been involved in Kindle publishing, then you’ve likely heard about using Amazon HTML codes in your product descriptions.

Properly formatting your book description with the Amazon HTML is a pain to write as well as read.  You’re a writer, not a web programmer!  This tool makes it easy for writers to generate great looking product descriptions that help convert more sales.

Use KDP Bookshelf or CreateSpace to Edit Your Book Descriptions

The tool generates the correct code if you are using either the KDP Bookshelf editor or the CreateSpace editor.

Submit your free KDP Promotion to Many sites with just one click!

The Free Book Site Submission Tool

We’re proud of this tool as it makes managing a Kindle Free Book promotion even easier.  A popular tactic is to promote your Kindle book for free on Amazon and on various free book sites.  It can take a few hours clicking through every free book site and filling out their submission form.  With Free Book Site Submission Tool, you can submit to 16 different sites with one click!

free book site submission tool

Link Builder Tool

Our Link Builder tool helps improve your Amazon book rankings when people click on your special link and purchase your ebook.  The Link Builder tool creates a special link that combines keywords with your book that helps send buying signals to the Amazon search engine.


Find profitable niches and categories using our Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Our Amazon Keyword Research Tools will help you dive into the Kindle marketplace and identify the best categories, topics and book covers.

These Amazon Keyword and Category Research tools include:

  • Category Hunter – Analyze each Amazon category and determine which categories have hot selling topics.
  • Category Comparison – Compare two categories to determine which category is the best one to list your Kindle book
  • Topic Hunter – The Amazon keyword research tool that will tell you if a given keyword is selling books or not.
  • Topic Brainstorm – Browse the best sellers or search by keyword to generate tag clouds for future book topics
  • Cover Hunter – Review the best selling book covers by category or search by keyword
  • Critical Review Finder – Research your competition, identify their weaknesses and improve your book

Find Profitable Amazon Keyword Niches and Categories!
Create Great Looking Amazon Kindle Descriptions in Seconds

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