Best Kindle Category Niche Report #1

In this report, I’ll share one of the best Kindle Best Seller categories from the Kindle Best Seller Niche Report.

I crunched the numbers for over 80,000 books and below are the statistics for the best and profitable Kindle Best Seller categories.  These are categories you can actually compete in and rank on the category best seller list with just a little promotion.

May Statistics

  • Number of categories analyzed: 4073
  • Profitable Kindle categories: 1070 or 26%
  • Number of profitable categories where you can rank on the front page:462

The Top 5 Kindle Categories 

  1. Religion and Spirituality with 63 categories to rank on the best seller list
  2. Children’s Books with 48 categories
  3. History with 45 categories
  4. Literature and Fiction with 40 categories
  5. Business & Money with 37 categories
  6. Health, Fitness and Dieting with 32 categories

Based on the past reports, the topics of Religion, Children’s Books and Business & Money continue to be popular topics.  Health, Fitness and Dieting are always popular niches to get into however, at first glance, you’d think they’d be very competitive.

After all, do we really need another green smoothie book?

I took a look at one of the Health, Fitness and Dieting categories and here is one generating up to $82.80 per day!

Best Kindle Category Niche Spotlight

Low Carb
Best Seller Category Page: Health, Fitness & Dieting > Diets & Weight Loss > Diets > Low Carb
Number of Books in Category: 225
Browse Node: 11717368011
Average Sales Rank: 24,829 Average Book Price: $8.28
Number of opportunities to rank on 1st Page of the best seller list: 4
Daily Sales: 1 – 10 books per day ($8.28 to $82.80)

Who would’ve thought a diet book on Low Carb could been a profitable topic that you could actually compete in?  Normally, I’d think the Diet niche is way too competitive but the niches are in the data!  Remember there are only 252 books in this category!  Compare that to the Diets parent category with over 26,000 competing books.

At an average of $82.80 (assuming you sell 10 books a day), that is $2,484 per month.  Ok, if you want to be ultra conservative, assume only 1 books sells per day.  I don’t think you’re going to sneeze at $248 a month.

What are the opportunities to rank on the Best Seller List?

At the time of this analysis, there were 4 spots on the Low Carb Best Seller list.  On May 3rd,2016, I analyzed the category real time using the Better Book Category Hunter tool and found 10 opportunities!

The snapshot below shows books in positions 11 – 20 with sales ranks that you can easily knock off the list with a little promotion!  If you an write a 69 page book and get a few credible reviews, you can compete in this niche.

kindle best seller category health and fitness

How do I get listed in this best seller category?

Remember when you first publish your book on Kindle, you can only select up to two categories.  These categories are based on the Book Industry Standards and Communications (BISAC) and Amazon further segments these categories on their own to meet their customers needs.

So how do you get your book listed in this niche category?

Simple – Contact Kindle support through your KDP bookshelf and ask them to add your book to that category!  72 hours after Amazon agrees to add your book to the list, continue with book promotion, generate a few sales and you’ll see you book climb up the rankings and hit the best seller list!

Next Steps

  1. If you have any diet book that is remotely related to a Low Carb diet, contact Amazon and ask to assign your book the Low Carb category.
  2. If you are thinking about writing a Kindle book in the Health niche, make Low Carb a priority for your next writing project
  3. Review other titles in this category and especially review any negative reviews to ensure your book overcomes the other books’ weaknesses.  (Hint: Our Critical Review Finder does this for you)

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  1. Renil Mathew George May 12, 2016 at 1:22 pm #

    Thanks Andy. Love all the features of your software. I honestly believe that using these features of your software, one can truly doninate a given niche. Is it also possible to add things like how the selected ebook from the best seller is being promoted, so we can get an idea on how to model the marketing. Also any feature that allows us to access the authority figures in a particular niche?

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