Use Amazon Negative Reviews to Outsmart Your Competition

Use Amazon Negative Reviews to your advantage When you’re researching a new book topic, it is important to understand your competition.  The Kindle marketplace continues to get crowded with “books” of varying quality.  If you’re a self-published author on the Kindle platform, then I’m sure you’ve heard all about the Kindle “gold rush” as people […]

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kindle self publishing price test

Two Killer Kindle Self Publishing Price Tests

I’ve been thinking a lot of Amazon’s Kindle self publishing pricing lately.  Why is it $2.99 seems to be the recommended best price for an eBook on Amazon?  In my conversations with a few colleagues, they’ve asked why I always “race to the bottom” when pricing quality ebooks and tutorials. A lot of the blogs […]

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free ebooks for me

Welcome Free eBooks For Me to Better Book Tools

A 16th book promotion site has been added to our Better Book Tool Suite’s Free Book Submission Tool Please welcome Free eBooks for Me to the Better Book Tools Suite!   Free eBooks For Me is another useful resource for authors seeking exposure for their free eBook promotion! You’ll find the Free eBooks For Me […]

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Free Amazon Kindle Book Submission Tool Launches

The code monkeys at our Better Book Tools labs have created an awesome book promotion tool to help Kindle authors promote their free Kindle book promotions! A common marketing strategy on KDP is to offer the ebook for free for a few days in hopes of generating more exposure, collecting reviews and improving the book […]

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Improve Amazon Rankings with Link Builder

In the Kindle circles, there are several “tricks of the trade” used to improve your eBook’s Amazon ranking with the Amazon environment. The Amazon ranking algorithm is proprietary but the Kindle community has recognized the following traits as contributors to the rank algorithm. Sales Reviews Keywords Freshness It is no surprise that sales drives the […]

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Amazon HTML Description Fix

The Amazon HTML Fix

November 2nd, 2013 brought new changes to the Amazon Author Central publishing platform.  A lot of people had questions about what to do with their existing Author Central book descriptions.  Last month, if you were using Amazon HTML in your Author Central account, you received this message. The book description contains unsupported HTML tags. While […]

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best mobile apps for writers

Five Best Mobile Apps for Writers

Anytime I get a new tablet or phone, it provides an opportunity for a fresh clean start. Over the years, my mobile desktop has become cluttered with critical applications installed on purpose and not-so-critical applications that were installed on a whim. There are several applications that are critical to running my business and others that […]

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create space Amazon HTML description editor

Introducing the CreateSpace HTML Code Editor

Several members of the Better Book Tools community had asked for a Create Space HTML code editor for their physical CreateSpace books.I recently added my CreateSpace editor to the Better Book Tool Suite. I designed the editor to support the HTML allowed on the CreateSpace platform.  CreateSpace supports the following HTML codes including: The Create […]

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Thumbs Down

Amazon removes HTML loophole in Author Central

This past week has been a busy one investigating the latest changes to the Author Central platform. Prior to October 2013, Author Central users could publish an HTML enabled description to using as ASCII version of HTML character.  This allowed authors to embed images, embed video and add advanced HTML that was typically not allowed […]

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