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I’ve wanted to implement a community forum for our Better Book Tools users for a while now.  I was hesitant to create a group since there are already so many good Facebook and LinkedIn groups on the web.  However, I want to create a resource for writers to help Research, Publish and Promote their books on both the Kindle and CreateSpace platforms.

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Why another Writing Group?

I want to ensure the Better Book Tools suite is one of the best on the market and I’d like to leverage this group to get real-world feedback to improve the tools so the tool suite can continue to help authors research, publish and promote their writing.

I thought I’d limit the group to Better Book Tool subscribers but I decided to keep it as a Public group that anyone can join.  (Ofcourse, I hope members will consider a Better Book Tools membership).  By forming an active community of writers, I hope we all help share ideas and improve each others writing.

What about Book Promotion?

Many book groups limit self-promotion of their creative works.  In our BBT for KDP group, I want to hear about your publishing successes so feel free to list free promotions, $0.99 cent promotion or just list your book.

However, if people spam this group with unrelated links, Sunglass offers and other spammy stuff, it just clobbers the community feed with junk.  So use common sense when you want to make an offer.

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