Find the Best Kindle Categories for your book

What are the best Kindle categories for your book?

Finding the best Kindle category for you book can be a challenging and time consuming task. Even if you find a viable category, how do you know you can actually compete in the best selling category?  What if its too competitive?

There three key questions to ask when looking for the best Kindle category.

  1. Are the books selling?
  2. Can your book compete?
  3. How much time is it going to take finding profitable Kindle categories with low competition?

Well…I did a lot of ground work for you

In March, I looked at over 4000 Kindle categories and found 1096 long term profitable Kindle categories.

Of those 1096 categories, 488 of them were profitable categories with low competition.

What do I mean by low competition?

In my analysis, if a last book on the first page of the Best Selling category has a best seller rank greater than 25,000 than that category is an excellent category to publish a book.  With a little promotion, you can move your own book up the category rankings and get featured on the category’s best seller list.

More visibility = greater change of increase sales

Let’s take a look at the top 10 categories for March 2016

Best Kindle Categories with Low Competition

Category Count
Religion & Spirituality 64
Children’s eBooks 54
Business & Money 41
Literature & Fiction 36
History 34
Health, Fitness & Dieting 29
Biographies & Memoirs 24
Politics & Social Sciences 22
Science & Math 18
Humor & Entertainment 15

Now that we know the top categories with the most opportunity, let’s dive into Children’s eBooks.

Children’s eBooks Analysis

There are over 54 different profitable Children’s eBooks with low competition.  Below is a snapshot of a few of the categories with the average best seller rank, competition and average price.

Category BSR Comp Avg Price
Action & Adventure > Historical 14,901 1,597 6.24
Action & Adventure > Pirates 70,473 1,717 3.94
Action & Adventure > Superheroes 26,721 853 6.27
Activities, Crafts & Games > Interactive Adventures 30,801 1,069 5.20
Animals > Cats 15,340 3,515 5.95
Animals > Dinosaurs 35,254 1,406 4.89
Animals > Fish & Marine Life 23,030 2,509 1.72
Animals > Foxes & Wolves 55,793 678 5.07
Animals > More Animals > Mammals 32,889 1,924 2.60

Let’s assume you were going to write a eBook about Animals.  You may have previously considered writing about Dogs or Horses.  However the Dogs and Horses categories may be populate but you likely won’t be able to rank on the front page of the best seller list due to all the competition.

However, Foxes and Wolves only have 678 competitors AND the average price per book in that category is $5.07.  Based on the average sales rank, this category sells 1 book per day for $5.07.  Not too bad but not great either.

Looking at the Cats category with 3,515 competitors, the average book price is $5.95 and sells 1-10 books per day.  Based on this analysis, I would write a Children’s book about Cats before I’d write about Foxes and Wolves.  I’d definitely write books in these categories before writing a Dog or Horse story.

Do you want to see the other 487 profitable niches with low competition?

I’ve compiled the best Kindle categories with a ton of rank and category analysis all in a handy ebook published on the Kindle platform ofcourse!  If you want access to this treasure trove of information, just click on the link below and get your copy of the Kindle Best Seller Niche report!

best kindle categories

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