How to find profitable Amazon niches and Kindle categories

There are a lot of blog posts, Kindle books and expertise on how to pick a profitable Amazon Kindle category. Before you even write your first Kindle book, it helps to determine what types of books are selling well on Kindle.

If you’ve been around the Kindle publishing niche for a while, then you know the first place to start is the Amazon Bestseller List. By evaluating a Kindle category, you can determine if it is a popular category that is actually selling books. Kindle authors can make the mistake of publishing a book in too narrow of a niche or categorizing the book in a poor selling category.

profitable amazon niches

Amazon Best Seller List

There are several tests that you can run to determine if an Amazon Kindle category is a viable one.

Test #1 Does the first book in the category have a sales rank less than or equal to 25,000?

This test is fairly easy to conduct. Simply look at the sales rank of the first book in the bestseller category. If the sales rank is less than 25,000 it may be a viable category to consider.

profitable amazon niches sales rank

Best Sellers Sales Rank

However, you really should check the other book’s individual sales rank in the specific category.

Test #2 Are there at least 3 books with a Sales Rank less than 15,000 that have been published more than two months ago?

I like this test because it evaluates the top 10 books in the category and checks to see if there are multiple top sellers. Amazon provides an slight advantage to new books on the Kindle platform and I want to evaluate if this category is a long term seller.

To determine if there are at least 3 books that meet the criteria, do the following:

1. Start with the first book in the category
2. Check the publication date
3. If the publication date is greater than 2 months, check the sales rank
4. Is the sales rank less than or equal to 15,000?
5. If so, add 1 point to the category total.
6. Repeat until you’ve looked at all top 10 books
7. If you category total is 3 or greater, then you found a viable category.

Yes you do have to look at all 10 books in the best seller category to adequately evaluate the category. When I used to do this manually, I’d just open up a new tab in my browser and quickly evaluate the date and the sales rank.

Test #3 Do the top 5 sellers sell at least 50 books a day?

Another test is to look at the top five books in the category and determine if they are selling at least 50 books per day.

In this example, I’m reviewing the Remodeling and Renovation category. The top 5 best selling books in this category (as of 7/27/2013) are:

best seller books remodeling

Remodeling and Renovation Best Sellers

Using the, I can enter the sales rank for each of these books to determine their daily sales range.

kindle daily sales range

Kindle Daily Sales Range

If I add the low sales, the top 5 books only sell 4 books per day. If I add the high sales, the top 5 books only sell 22 books per day. Using the #3 test, I can conclude this category is not the best category to publish a book since both the high and low sales are less than 50.

If you’re going to write a Kindle book, it helps to find the best selling categories and go where people are actively buying.

Is there an easier way to run these tests?

Running all three of these tests across various Amazon Kindle categories can consume a lot of time. That’s why I developed Category Hunter – one of my Amazon keyword and category evaluation tools to help Kindle authors find categories and best selling keywords faster.

Category Hunter allows you to select an Amazon category (also known as a browse node) and within seconds it will list the top 10 books with sales rank and daily sales estimates.

Category Hunter Amazon Niches

Find Profitable Amazon Niches with Category Hunter

Category Analysis in Seconds

Category Hunter also runs all three tests to determine if the category is a viable one. Since you’re navigating the Amazon Kindle category tree, you can look at higher level category or lower level categories and find best selling categories with a click of the button.

category analysis

Category Analysis

Finding a viable Amazon Kindle category is an important first step in writing for a buying market. With Category Hunter, you can do this analysis in seconds rather than copy and pasting figures, links and calculating sales rank figures.

Who would’ve thought finding profitable Amazon niches and Kindle categories could be this easy!

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  1. Daniele March 7, 2016 at 5:34 pm # is not available now.
    have you alternative?

    • Andrew Makar March 7, 2016 at 6:06 pm #

      I currently use the values from the KDP Calculator in my calculations. I noticed it is no longer available.
      Dave Chesson at has a calculator that he uses. Since Amazon doesn’t release their sales to BSR data, these metrics are best used as guiding principles.

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