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In the Kindle circles, there are several “tricks of the trade” used to improve your eBook’s Amazon ranking with the Amazon environment.

The Amazon ranking algorithm is proprietary but the Kindle community has recognized the following traits as contributors to the rank algorithm.

  • Sales
  • Reviews
  • Keywords
  • Freshness

It is no surprise that sales drives the rank on Amazon. More sales equals a lower rank which equals greater visibility on best seller lists and search results.  Positive reviews will also improve your book’s performance as well as keyword placement in the book title, description, editorial reviews and the keywords provided when you first register your book.  The freshness factor is another ranking factor as new books are provided additional visibility for a limited time under the Hot New Releases section.  All of these factors contribute to better visibility across the Amazon platform.

In this article, I’ll show  you how you can apply a small Amazon trick to help improve your Amazon search result rankings.

Keywords and Your Amazon URL

There are two techniques to associate your book with target keywords.

Option 1:  Add a keywords parameter to your book URL (&keywords=your+keyword+phrase)

Microsoft Project Made Easy : Build a Project Schedule Tutorial

Option 2: Add keywords to your book using a Search Results page

Microsoft Project Made Easy: Build a Project Schedule Tutorial,B007LB75PO

The next time you share a link, create a link from a guest post to your book or setup a link on your own website, you can use these link formats to include the desired search keywords and associate it with your book.  Assuming the user purchases your book using these optimized links, you’ll provided a positive selling response to Amazon for your book and the target keywords.

What URL option should you use?

My preference is to use the option 2 format as the strategy mimics the Amazon search results.  By finding associating a keyword with an actual ebook purchase, it helps to tell Amazon that the keyword is related to a purchased.  Since we know keywords and sales are ranking factors, the link association helps improve your ebook’s overall rankings.  Below is an example of the search page using the special keyword and search results page combination.

It isn’t a coincidence that the target keyword only returns 1 result – my book!


How does this help rankings?

In this example, I’ve applied the links on various websites that create an Amazon search results page for the keywords “microsoft project tutorial”


 How do you generate the link?

I generate the keyword enabled links using the Link Builder tool within the Better Book Tool suite.  By specifying the region, Amazon ASIN and the keyword phrase, the tool will generate the proper links.

link builder tool

Once you have the proper link code, you can add it to your website, Twitter stream, or Facebook message.  As people click and purchase your book, you should see an improvement in your Amazon rankings.

The Link Builder Tool also includes a SEO Engine Optimization option that will create an SEO enabled link that automatically embeds your keyword as the anchor text.

Go ahead and give it a shot!




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