How to Do Kindle Niche Research Case Study

In this Kindle Niche Research Case Study, you’ll learn the steps to perform niche research easily using the Better Book Tools suite.

  • Kindle Niche Research Topic: Improv Comedy
  • Step 1: Search Amazon Kindle store for the top level categories
  • Step 2: Review the Better Book Tools’ Kindle Best Seller Niche Report
  • Step 3: Analyze the selected Best Seller categories with the Category Hunter tool
  • Step 4: Review the “Improv” topic with the Topic Hunter tool
  • Step 5: Generate new ideas with the Topic Brainstorm tool

Kindle Niche Research Topic : Improv Comedy

There are a lot of approaches to identifying a niche for the Kindle platform.  I’ve read about many approaches that all involve a combination of:

  • Amazon Best Seller lists
  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • Amazon Instant Search, Kindle Samurai and a variety of digital marketing tools
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • Blog Research
  • Personal Expertise

With all the sources and tools available, you can quickly become overwhelmed.  I read a recent Facebook post in one of the Author groups asking:

kindle niche research

I thought I’d reply on how I use the Better Book Tools to analyze a topic and focus on a Amazon Kindle best seller topic that is profitable and has low competition in the bestseller category.  Remember you might find a topic that is indeed profitable but if the niche is too competitive, you need to niche down if you want to appear on the bestseller list.

In original question, the author was researching the “improv” niche.  Let’s find out if that category is in our sweet spot of profitability and low competition.

Step 1:  Search Amazon Kindle store for the top level categories

By examining the book results for the “improv” keyword and looking at the book’s associate best seller categories,  I can conclude the Improv books are found in the following Best Seller categories:

kindle niche research

I found another improv book listed in the Creativity category.

kindle niche research

Step 2:  Review the Better Book Tools’ Kindle Best Seller Niche Report

In the Arts & Photography category, I’m looking for Theater or Acting and Auditioning in the Kindle Best Seller Niche Report.  Lucky for us, I found the Theater category with an average bestseller rank of 21,552 and 7 opportunities where my improv related Theater book could perform well.  At an average bestseller rank of 21,552, the books sell an average of 1 – 10 books per day at an average book price of $7.25

kindle niche research

Let’s examine the other two categories – Humor & Entertainment and Non-Fiction.

kindle niche research

I don’t see the Humor > Comedy in the list so I won’t focus on that category.  However, I noticed Humor > Parodies is listed and has a solid average best seller rank.  It also has 12 opportunities to rank on the Parodies Best Seller list so I’ll make a note of it for future research.

kindle niche research

The nonfiction category doesn’t list anything but Children’s Nonfiction so I’ll exclude that category.

I know I should target my book topic on Improv for  these two categories:

  • Arts & Photography > Theater
  • Humor & Entertainment > Humor > Parodies

Step 3: Analyze the selected Best Seller categories with the Category Hunter tool

With Category Hunter, I can either analyze a Best Seller category by copy and pasting the URL from the Amazon Bestseller list or simply entering the Bestseller Browse Node.  The Browse Node is the unique number assigned to every Amazon category.

I could also drill down into the Art & Photography topic or the Humor & Entertainment topic.

kindle niche research

In the Arts & Photography > Theater topic, I see a listing of the top 20 books, Category analytics, profitability statistics, price analysis and competition analysis.

kindle niche research

Below are the category statistics:

kindle niche research

kindle niche research

The Category Hunter really tool also generates a heat map of the book characteristics. Pages, ratings, reviews and sales rank all provide indicators of how well you can rank in the category. If you see an area with a lot of red or yellow, then it is going to be tougher to rank on that page however, in this category there are at least 5 opportunities where you can rank easily on the best seller page.

kindle niche research

What about the Humor > Parody category?

Using the same Category Hunter tool, I confirmed the category is indeed profitable and has at least 13 opportunities where there is low competition.  However, what I find interesting are some of the titles in the top 20 best seller list.

kindle niche research

There are at least 6 results that reference Memes, a 101 Fun Things to Do book and even a book on Deadpool.  I now know Theatre, Memes, a list book and even Deadpool performs well in these categories.  A quick brainstorming session provides a few book ideas:

  1. Improv Comedy with Memes – This could turn into a script on popular topics with meme responses
  2. 101 Improv Ideas
  3. Harry Potter Improv ideas
  4. Improv and Theatre

(I’m not saying these are great ideas but hey I’m brainstorming)

This is just one technique to generate ideas. Let’s look at a few more.

Step 4:  Review the “Improv” topic with the Topic Hunter tool

Another good test is to use the Topic Hunter to determine if the keyword itself is even selling on Amazon.

kindle niche research

Just enter Improv into the Topic Hunter tool and the analysis is instantly provided.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Improv is that great of a selling tool on the Kindle platform based on the analysis.  The topic only has 1 book actually selling 1-10 copies per day.  The other books are not even selling 1 copy per day on the average.

kindle niche research

Should you give up on this topic?

Improv itself may not be the best topic to write about but if you were to niche down or combine it with another topic, you might find a better angle with the Topic Brainstorm tool.

Step 5: Generate new ideas with the Topic Brainstorm tool

kindle niche research
With the topic brainstorm tool, I’ll enter the Theater or Comedy best seller book list URL and get a tag cloud analysis of all the best selling book titles.  By leveraging the best selling book titles, you can develop new ideas for books based on subjects that are already best sellers!

kindle niche research

If I search using the keyword “improv”, I get the following tag cloud:

kindle niche research

By looking at these two tag clouds, I can generate more ideas.

Idea #1: What if the author wrote a book that combined Improv Comedy to Improve Your Social Interaction?

Idea #2: Improv for Theatre Students

Ideas #3: How to start an Improv Group in Your City

Using the Category Hunter tool, I also know the Self Help > Creativity category is a profitable category and has low competition since there are 5 books that could be outranked.

Remember this table from the Kindle Best Seller Niche Report?

kindle niche research

By reviewing these best selling categories with low competition, the author has the option is to apply the improv knowledge and write books for the Humor category. Based on the research, both Parodies and Jokes and Riddles books perform well and have opportunities to appear on the bestseller list easily.  If I was going to write about Humor and Entertainment, I’d look at these categories first then determine how my skills with Improv could be applied to these topics.

I hope you found this Kindle Niche Research case study useful!

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