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Better Book Description Tool Suite

Category Hunter – Find hot selling topics in seconds with our detailed category analysis.

Category Comparison – Compare two categories to determine which category is the best one to list your Kindle book

Topic Hunter – The Amazon keyword research tool that will tell you if a given keyword is selling books or not.

Topic Brainstorm – Browse the best sellers or search by keyword to generate tag clouds for future book topics

Cover Hunter – Review the best selling book covers by category or keyword and send them to your graphic designer to incorporate similar cover designs

KDP Bookshelf HTML Description Editor – Generate Amazon HTML book descriptions for KDP Bookshelf

CreateSpace HTML Description Editor – Create an HTML enabled description using our CreateSpace editor

Book Promotion Tools including:

Link Builder – Improve your Amazon rankings with the Link Builder tool

Free Book Promotion Tool – Submit your KDP free book promotion to 15 free book promotion sites with just one click

Monthly Kindle Niche Reports – Start with the BEST research before you publish your next Best Seller!

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